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Mar 13, 2021

Leon Edwards finally gets an opponent after such a long wait, endless problems after matchups where made and rising stars being pulled out for medical reasons. Edwards has seen many of his counterparts getting the big fights while he as the No. 1 Contender has had to sit back and watch until it was his turn. There are talks he may have not chosen to take certain matchups and blamed the recent Covid pandemic flight regulations for his inability to compete. Whatever the case I believe by the looks of the recent weigh ins and faceoffs against his current opponent that he is ready to go and even seemed to try and throw his weight around against his lower ranked opponent Belal Muhammad who is positioned at 13th place. It's great that he's finally back in the octagon but this matchup could break his career one loss could sink his hopes for ever having a title contention. His opponent Belal Muhammad has the same record as him and is equally hungry to climb the rankings and seek a title match of his own. Edwards likes to use his left hand as his main striking point along with his long arms and sharply timed elbows to lay the damage on thick on his opponents. Aside from being a technical striker he loves to grapple and is quick to take his opponent down to the mat and commence the ground and pound. Belal Muhammad more of a power puncher is a brawler and is not afraid to get in the pocket and trade blows. Muhammad says he has alot riding on this fight and will not throw caution to the wind because he knows how important this win will be for his career. Edwards feels his abilities are far beyond that of Belal Muhammad and is ready to show the fans why he is the No. 1 contender .


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