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Based in NYC, we are more than just a podcast. Roman Raves Talks is a lifestyle of MMA, UFC, and sports talk. Where we come together to discuss the world’s most important sports events, business, and technology in an entertaining yet informative way. Roman Raves is a military veteran who founded Roman Raves Talks in 2018 with a strong desire to voice and share his opinion with the world. With hundreds of listeners worldwide, we are more than just a podcast. A man’s cave… online.
Whether you missed an MMA fight or want to catch up on the latest business news and tech… we got you. Tune in every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

This podcast is broken down into segments, check it out.

Segment Descriptions :


We dive deep into the world of MMA and see what fighters will make it to the top of the UFC. Packed with action and agility, this segment is for those who want to keep up without having to read and dissect all of the articles online. A quick listen will have you up to speed with who’s leading in the ultimate fight.


Nowadays, the world of business is changing faster than a MMA fight. Roman Raves keeps you up to speed with the latest information on business, money moves, and the latest advice to keep you informed and aware of man’s alpha world.


The new decade has finally arrived. Technology is speeding up… and you can’t catch up. Well, now you can. With Roman Raves Talks, we’ll catch you up to speed with the world’s latest technology reviews and information you won’t be able to get anywhere else. You heard it here first…