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Aug 20, 2018

Title: There's Nothing to Fear

Season 2 Episode 2                               

In this episode we discuss the concept of fear and how you should let it affect your life.


Feel the Fear...And do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1933...

Jul 25, 2018

Title: Let's Get it Started                                

Season 2 Episode 1

In this episode you will be given valuable resources you can utilize to help start your business.


Small Business Services NYC


May 11, 2018

Title: The Blockchain Business (Interview)

Episode 5

In this episode we will learn about block chain technology and the many platforms it can be utilized with from the CEO of Lannister Holdings, Inc. Joseph Snyder.

Special Guest: Joseph Snyder (CEO of Lannister Holdings, Inc.)

Lannister Holdings, Inc.

Mar 28, 2018

Title: The Fight Business

Episode 4

In this episode we will get into the mind of an amateur fighter and find out how he even decided this was the business he chose to get into.


“The Way of the Fight” By George St. Pierre 

Feb 17, 2018

Title: Dreams and Business Realities

Episode 3

In this episode we will dive into what you can expect when starting a business and how to be successful.